Welcome to Pond Coat from Antel, the market leader in fish friendly pond paint and coatings.

A1 Pond Paint is the ultimate pond coating system and is ideal for both building and refurbishing ponds. The product has been designed with ease of application in mind.

A1 Pond Paint is a universal waterbased epoxy resin that’s applied like an emulsion paint and quickly dries to form a tough waterproof barrier that’s completely safe for fish.

Our technical team ensure that our customers are given full support and advice in the specification and application of our products. We are an established coatings designer/manufacturer, operating from our modern well equipped factory and provide an extremely efficient delivery service. Most products can be despatched for next day delivery.

Antel Pond Paint is a universal water based epoxy resin coating, designed for easy and safe application. Our pond paint has been developed and tested over decades to ensure our happy customers continue to receive the highest quality pond paint currently available on the market. Our customer base speak volumes, we have customers from all across the globe.
Antel A1 Pond Paint can be used virtually anywhere that required protection or waterproofing. Popular uses are on surfaces such as concrete or masonry. Our paint will cover a large area (usually 6-7 squared metres per litre) and can be applied using many different techniques such as a regular paint brush, roller or spray.
Our pond paint is available in a wide variety of colours to give the customer the largest possible choice, and is completely waterproof and non-toxic ensuring both the local environment and fish in your pond are completely safe.