Application video for A1 Pond Paint:

Using A1 Pond Paint it’s easy to create a great looking pond in just a couple of days. Follow the simple steps below to transform the look of your pond. The full technical details can be found on the Information page.

Step 1 – Preparation
Clean your pond to ensure a sound surface.  Ponds that have been painted before should be sanded first.  Surfaces can be slightly damp but not wet or subject to running water.  Any holes, leaks or imperfections should be repaired using Antel Epoxy Putty, Antel SBR Bonding Agent or Antel Waterstop prior to application of A1 Pond Paint.

If you have a fibreglass pond, A1 Pond Paint can be applied but the surface must be mechanically sanded.


Step 2 – Mixing
Ensure that you have a window of fine weather of 4 hours per coat and that the air temperature is above 10°C. To prepare A1 Pond Paint for use, first stir the contents of the larger tin and then add the contents of the smaller tin and mix vigorously for 4 minutes to ensure thorough mixing. A drill equipped with a mixing paddle is ideal for this.

Once mixed pour into a roller tray to maintain pot life and apply immediately.


Step 3 – Application
Apply the first coat by brush, roller or spray.  If the temperature is above 20 Degrees C or 68 Degrees Fahrenheit, wait 6 hours before applying the second coat, otherwise wait a full 24 hours.

After applying the second coat wait approximately 5 days before refilling your pond.